i’ve recently bought a WD 2tb My book. I’ve backup everything of mine into the Mybook but now something happen. I can’t see the Mybook icon in my Mycomputer. i don’t know why. I can still detect it in my device and printer and i can still remove it safely from my computer. Everything is working properly when i click on the propoerties of Mybook in device and printer section. but why couldn’t the icon appear at Mycomputer? Please Help!. Urgent help needed… This is a live and Death issue! 

Go nto disk management and see if it shows there. It may need a letter reassigned. If it’s corrupt then TestDisk might help  Never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. One copy is not a backup.


Couldnt see my external hard drive. and this is meaning?

I was to format my laptop and cant be expect that i need to buy 2X 2tb of external hard drive just to be BACKUP.

anyway this is what i got ( From 1st post of the forum )

Troubleshooting - not effective

1)  If the drive is not being recognized, disconnect the power adapter from the surge protector/UPS and plug directly into the wall. Sometimes, surge protectors diminish the power being supplied as more devices are added to them.

 ( Tried, Still the same)

2)  If after doing this the drive does not spin up at all (you can tell by feeling for vibration on the drive), then either the drive or the power adapter has failed. You will need to replace the power adapter to proceed with troubleshooting.

 (Its still spining and the lights of the External hard drive is still on)

3)  If after replacing the power adapter, the drive still doesn’t spin up, then you will need to replace the drive. You will find links for data recovery and warranty replacement below.

 (Downloaded the latest drive. Still couldnt Read)

4)  If the drive is spinning but not recognized in My Computer, then change out the data cable with one that you know is good. Cables get old and the wires inside can break, or pull loose from the connectors.

 ( where do i find Spare? its port its flatten )

5)  If that doesn’t work, connect the external drive to another USB port. The first USB port could be malfunctioning.

 (tried all USB port. even with other laptop)

6)  If your drive still isn’t being recognized, turn your PC off, disconnect the data cable, restart the computer, and once the operating system is fully up and running, reconnect the data cable. Give it a minute or two to recognize then you will want to access Disk Management to see if the drive shows up in there.  If it does show up in Disk Management, then you most likely have a corrupted or damaged partition and will need to re-partition and reformat the drive for it to be recognized on your PC. See Links and note below.

(nothing changes)

* i keep hearing the sound that something is connected to your laptop… (ten teng) but still i couldnt see it in Mycomputer

*And if i plug in the external drive, i couldnt start the computer. its be stuck at toshiba screen for hours ( once i plug out, everything will continue just fine ) but still couldnt recognise it in Mycomputer

is there anyway that i can retrieve the data from?