Help Needed on GIMP!

Dear All

I’m wanting to create some graphics similar to resolution icons shown below, however I’ve spent ages trying to find out how to do this by using the relevant tools. Grrr!! :angry:


What I need to know is how to create the ‘embossed transparent text’ look upon the grey icon tablet. I have downloaded the Gimp plugin- ‘Script-fu’, but like I said I’ve messed around for hours just trying to find the appropriate tool/ settings to get the desired effect.

No doubt the answer is very simple, so please can someone help a very, very frustrated gimp novice.:cry:

Thanks in advance

Do you mean to do something like this:

arch bubble.png

You don’t need a script to do this, it just requires multiple layers, using the Blend tool, then Select/shrink and Filters/Blur.

Yes that would appear to have the desired effect, but still no wiser from your suggestion.

Can you perhaps expand on the process.


On the far bottom left is the stage i am currently at as follows-

Layer 1 - circular grey tablet

Layer 2 -  white ‘PG’ text

Note - the ‘PG’ text relates to UK film certifications which i want to simplfy from the very detailed ‘standard’ grainy and wide graphic shown below-


(the above image  is too wide for my moviesheet based theme)  

On the bottom right is an example of the desired graphic i wish to achieve.


Well, really doing even something like this can be failry complicated to try to describe.  It started to try, but this is really something that you need a video tutorial for and I just don’t have that kind of time right now.

You should really go to youtube and look up Gimp tutorials.  There are a lot there, but try to find some on how to make buttons.

HERE is a selection that you can take a look at.  It doesn’t tell you how to make the one’s you want, but it will get you started.

Hi TW, checked out the youtube link, but unfortunately still no joy. I’m not necessarily wanting to know how to create a ‘icon tablet’ but more importantly  I just want to know how to make the text transparent and then indent, merge or whatever the command is to merge the text into the tablet ??

have spent 3 hours looking at different text effects on utube and the options are limitless!! but still no clues to what i am trying to achieve :cry:

SURELY someone must be able to at least post a link more suited to achieving the end result ??!!??


desparate and frustrated as i can’t progress with my theme  

Well, trying to tell you how to make the text transparent is fairly easy, but going through the steps to bump map the button really takes a lot more effort that just trying to tell you.

To make the text transparent, first make your oval with the circle tool and fill it with white with the bucket fill tool.  I’m supposing that you know enough to do that.

Once you have your oval, select the text tool and draw a text box,  change the text color to black so you can see it, then make the text that you want and move it to where you want it on the oval.  The text should be shown now as different layer.  Click on the the text layer in the “Layers, Channels, Path, etc.” tool bar, then right click on it and select “Alpha to Selection”, now the text should be highlighted.

Click on the white oval’s layer, then select “delete” and then click on the “eye” for the text layer and you should no longer see the text and the oval should now have the transparent text.

See if this helps.


Button video.

I did this farily quickly and it is not perfect, so you will have to figure some of the things on how to make it look better on your own.  But it will show you the tools you need and how to make the button.


Hi TW, That’s brilliant. A massive thanks, I really appreciate the time and efforts you have obviously gone to help me out.

Haven’t put the theory and exercise into practise yet, but will do soon.

Thank you very much!!