Help needed idiot changed AAM

Yes i am an ■■■■■. I appologize before hand to all Guru’s for my stupidity.

Under Vista X64 i changed the AAM setting to 10. I have now lost the drive to everything BUT the bios. Yes the bios see’s and finds the drive fine. Dos cdrom boots and dlgdiag5 crashes. From Windows wd diags fails to see it. Drvmanger in windows fails to see it.

No dos envoroment util see’s it.

So i suspect i wrote a very bad value to the register can i get a firmware write to revoer it.

Drive is an wd1200JD Sata 1

It’s a data backup drive that had a high pitched whine from the spindle, i was trying to put it in a lower mode than performance. I later found the minimum was 128 not 10 from 0-254 as the AAM setting. What a Rodney. Plonker.

Will a firmware write solve it?

Hi mate, don’t know how you will fix this one :confounded:. I would contact tech support to see if they can help you. 

Solved, restore to previous restore point prior to setting AAM as the drivers write  a key in the registry at the end of the day.