Help Needed 2 Recover Data From HD

I have a challenging problem facing me with my WD World Edition Networking Product!

All of a sudden, it was no longer available on the Network. I think it over-heated and the network or RAID card failed, as I had left it on non-stop for the past few years. The unit was quite warm when I inspected it, but after letting it cool down and trying it again, it simply refuses to work.

I removed the 2 HDs to try and recover the data, but it is unfortunately a very difficult thing to do! This is VERY frustrating because I purchased this Product and used RAID 1 (Mirror) specifcally to PREVENT data loss!

I purchased a SATA card for my PC, thinking that I could just plug them into my Windows PC, and they would automatically show up with the same configuration - WRONG! The drives show up in WindowsDisk Management Utility, but they dont get assigned a Drive Letter, and they are not accessible using Windows Explorer. They appear in the utility as a Drive with 1 unformatted partition, followed by 4 Primary Partitions. However, I am unable to mount any of the Partitions or even assign a drive letter to them.

Heres the WIERD thing - if I attach the A Drive to my WD LIVE Media Server device, I can see the PUBLIC Drive and all my files! It would be great if I could somehow copy the files using the WD LIVE Device, but alas, it is a Read-Only unit.   :frowning:

So, I know the data is still there, and it is still good, but I cannot figure out a way to mount the Drive so I can easily copy the files off the Drive and onto another device.

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!   :slight_smile:


at first, dont’t panic, same like me!

Regulary nothing is lost on drive, if it’s physically OK (assumed because you’ve found the partitions) on Windows.

Windows isn’t able to show you your file, because the four partitions are all Linux Partitions in EXT3 Format (

Just install the EXT3-Filesystem drivers on your Windows PC and just mount (give it al driveletter) the “fourth” partition wich will contain your data.

The free EXt3-Driver is named “Ext2Fsd”. (DL Link:

Good luck.



Hi Try2,

Had a similar issue myself, b was better prepared in terms of experience.

The MBxxx series are special purpose computers running a variant of Linux (as are mos products of this type), so internally they store the data in Linux-format file systems, as (someone else)  has said.

Dropping the drive into a Windows box wouldn’t work unless you’ve added tools ot the Windows box so it can read Linux formatted file systems, which are the tools (someone else) pointed you at.

Dependingo n the exact tools you use, you might come across another complication - the single-drive MBWE that I’ve got had it’s partitions set up as a RAID array - on  a single-drive machine! - so I think it’s a safe bet that your multiple-drive MBWE also has this configuration. So I had to jump through a couple of additional hoops to get my MBWE drive mounted properly in my Linux laptop.

But, once hoops were jumped through, I got all my data back and I’m now looking out how to get a warranty repair.

Hello and sorry for my poor english : I am french.

I have the solution after 2 days of research on google, after more experiences on Linux …

On the My book there are 3 partitions : 2 EXT3 that you can see with Linux interface but these partitions haven’t any interest : there are only system file on them.

The data files are on the third partition, an XFS one.

So the SOLUTION : a Windows soft who can read an extract files from XFS partition.

The soft name is " raise data recovery for XFS" a shareware.

The interest is that you can test it seeing the salvable files before registration. To rescue them you must register the soft paying 26 euos(38$)  (depend of your country taxes).

So with  this simple solution I had recovered all my personal data.

I have forgotten : I have disassembled the HD from the My book : it was a WD10EARS , a serial ATA HD 1 To like those you put in your computer tower. So I have plug this SATA HD in my tower before using the soft.

I hope my explanation has help you.

I am not a big forum writer ( especially in English) but after 2 days of hard research it seemed me normal to partage this big descovery (and made for a normal user)

Good luck !!!