Help need with My Book Thunderbolt Duo

I have a piece of this device for the longest time and it has been working fine with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) up until recently where the drive cannot be detected.

There were also intermittent problems with the connection. It can suddenly get ejected if I bump into the Thunderbolt cable ever so lightly. But right now, it just completely doesn’t show up on my computer. The LED light is steady white (according to the instruction manual, it’s “Ready, interface enabled, but idle”) so I still believe that the drive is alive.

I’ve tried connecting to another Mac to test, the connection was brief but got cut off. Are there any other ways to be able to access the drive again? I have so much important information that I need from it. Please help me!

Update: I downloaded WD Discovery and My Book was picked up by the software. But it threw me an error that there are RAID configuration issues.

And the way about fixing is to erase all the data on the drive which is not something that I want happen.