Help - My Book World Edition (White light)

I have 3 computers utilizing my My Book World Edition (White Light) and each has it own back up plan.   One of these computers (macbook) just had a hard drive failure and required a hard drive replacement.  After replacing with larger HD, formating/partitioning, updating OS with original Mac OS X discs and running online updates  I now want to restore my files from my back up plan for this macboook.   I did not not utilize time machine to back up to My Book World Editional (White Light) but used the basic automatic back ups instead.    I also have not yet installed any WD program to the new HD since it was asking me to create a back up plan.  Does anyone have experience restoring files from a back up plan or have an idea where to start.   I do not see any information in the 198 page user guide but hope i am missing something.

hello frein here is where you will find your answer