Help! Long time getting content info

I’ve enabled my wd tv live to get content info and can succussfully download most of the movie’s cover art; however, the problem is that–I believe–it appears it downloads the art every time I use wd tv live and takes forever to complete (921 movies).

  • Is there anything I can do (disconnect HD, connect to PC and permanently install cover art) then hook back to PC? I don’t want to have to go into each folder individually.  Would like some sort of program that can load them all.

  • Should I instead go with a “theme” or whatever?

I’m obviosly a newbie.  Would appreciate your assistance. Thnx!!!


You don’t need to be using a theme, all you have to do is set it up to generate the cover art and xml files.

Figured out my problem.  After hooking HD up to my computer, I remembered that I compressed the folders.  I decompressed them and now WD TV Live runs smooth as butter.

Now, just wondering if it’ll also automatically download the movies’ genre and other information.