Help in Identifiying

Hello All-
Could you help identify this drive-
S/N WCC1TO896661
Thanks in advance

Look around I found this-

IS this correct?


Please know that as per the part number this product is a 3000 GB WD My Book Live device.


that’s right but it has a small speed
so I don’t know what you need it for

The reason is this- the drive “died”, it will not let me get into it.
I handed the unit to a service that said they could extract the DATA, but they handed back to me saying that the drive was dead.
I hooked it up to a my computer, it will spin but the computer will not recognize the drive- in other words it does not show up in “my computer”.
Tried disk internals Linux reader as some have suggested in this forum, but the problem stated above still exists.
So the only left to try is by a used drive drive an swap out the control board on it and see of that helps.
I am open for suggestions-

But this is not working for me- I can get it to spin but cannot get to the data.