Help - I totally don't understand this network drive!

There’s a MyBookWorld monitor icon that appears to actdually be a folder or something that contains two subfolders called Download and Public.  then there’s a hard drive icon called MyBookWorld-Backup.

All the files I am using on the netdrive are going into the Public folder.  Why is it called Public and how do I change that?

I don’t know if these are drive partitions, folders, or…who knows what.  The documentation calls them “shares” which totally baffles me.  What is a “share”?

How do I remove the backup partition (if that’s what it really is)?  I don’t need it.  All I want is one large drive which I can fill with folders and files.

Also, the help file refers to the “Download function”…what is that? Why would I need it?

Also I don’t need the iTunes thing, or space, or share, or whatever it is.

I fully understand how to use hard drives but have no clue about this drive and it came with no instructions explaining anything about any of this.

Wish someone would post a location or some info where I can quickly figure out what the heck this drive is and how to manage it.  I dont’ want mystery areas or folders or features…i want to manage the drive and configure it the way I want it.  I bet others feel the same way.  We’re used to buying a storage device, plugging it in, and using it.

BTW, it seems to work fine and reliably, altho being a netdrive on my Netgear wireless router network it seems pretty slow; if there’s a way to configure it to respond faster that would also be nice.  My iPhoto library stored on the WD drive, really crawls when accessed over my wireless network

Sorry can’t help you, in a similar situation myself:neutral_face:

You have you iPhoto’s stored on this drive? Are you accessing this via Mac OK?

I bought this an an iTunes server and backup drive. I have time machine working, (are you using it for that), and windows laptop back-ups. However, struggling to get iTunes and AppleTV’s to ‘see’ the folders.

Anyway, this doesnt help you other than confirm your not on your own:wink:


So you purchased the drive just for back up and storage. A lot of people have it as a NAS to stream photos, music or video to other PCs or TVs on their home networks AND to back up data on the fly from their PC’s or laptops. The shared media files are backup to and stored in the “public” folder and are streamed using the Twonky Media. Other data is stored in the “back-up” folder. I don’t think they act as partitions, so if you do not want to store anything in “public” it will be zero in size, and you can use the back-up to the full drive capacity. If you are using WD Anywhere Backup, you define where you want to store your stuff in your backup plan. You should have access to the User Manual from the installation set-up, if not it’s on the WD site here: