Help! How to stream .ISO files to WD TV Live 3rd gen


I just purchased this tonight and trying to figure it out.  I have a Iomega IX2-200 Cloud NAS.  I used newest DVDFab to to copy Thor to .ISO file.  I copied it to the NAS but on the WD I don’t see it to play.  Is there something I need to do or missing?

Thanks for the help.

Network Shares or Media Server ?  (Media Sever / DLNA has limited support for .iso … your Iomega may not support streaming it)

Network Shares however, .iso will work

I was trying to access it via Media server.  I haven’t tried network share.

i’m sure that if you use Network Shares it will work

For ISO files you HAVE to use Network shares.  It will not work with Media Servers, unless you have some sort of special programs, perhaps.  Look it up in the WDTV Live support area:  search for ISO and you will see why you cannot play them this way. I’ll help you find it:

ID #3690:

WD TV Live Media Player does not play ISO files from a WD network drive


Another way to look at this is ISO files are not DLNA media files like mp4 files.  They are disk image files.  Big diff.  The WD can play image files via network shares only.