Help. How to create download link to a file on MyBook Live?


    I have a file on my MyBook Live external drive. I would like to create a download link to one particular file. I can do this using the Android app, but can I do this from a PC? I have explored mybook/live through a web browser and explored the drive using Windows Explorer. I have also checkd the options available in, but nowhere do I see the ability to create a download link which I can send to someone to download the file.

   Can this only be done through the Android App?  It would be handy to be able to do through a PC. 



is the android app wd2go?

Hi Wayne,

  Yes, the Android app is WD2Go from the Android market. It’s the only place I found so far where I can  generate a link to a file which I can email. 

  However, I have another problem with the link from the Android app which I’ve posted separately on here around redirect/security warning which renders the download link useless.


the security warning should hurt you if you chose to go to continue to the page.  have you tried accessing wd2go from a computer?  I do it all the time.  also, if you are trying to give access to a file for someone else, that has to be done through the my book live ui. 

Thanks Wayne, 

  Yes, I can access WD2Go from a PC. However the only option in WD2Go I see on a PC is to open the shares in Windows Explorer. I don’t see anyway of creating a link to send to someone so they can dowvnlad the file. 

  Using the MyBook user interface (URL  mybooklive/UI)  I see options for creating users and creating shares. I don’t want to create a user or a new share for a one-time sharing of a  file. Also for the recipient of the file to have to sign in would just be a barrier to file sharing. I can use other services but I’m really hoping I can do away with DropBox, YouSendIt, and similar services by providing a download link to a file from my personal cloud (the MyBookLive). Currently it’s just that, a personal cloud for my own use but I can’t share files by sending a download link.