HELP! Formatted WD Duo Book Live but need to recover data

If anyone can help, it is greatly appreciated.

I am trying to recover data from a formatted Duo Book Live with two 2TB drives that were in Raid1. I was moving the data from the drive to a new drive before wiping it clean. But before I could finish it the drive was accidentally formatted. When I came back to the office, the drive shows a healthy Raid1 2TB ready-to-go drive.

Obviously, I’ve tried to recover with recovery software using either drive in a SATA USB dock. As the recovery software is working, it shows that it is finding the files I’m looking for.  But when the software finishes, the files are not recovered.

So I am assuming that it has to be done through the operating system, but I can’t figure out how. I’ve taken to two data recovery specialist and they use the same methods.

Thanks so much everyone for your help in advance.  The data was years of my son’s pictures and videos.


I recommend you contact a data recovery company.

WD has some recommendations on the link below.

Data Recovery

The average cost to recover data from the WD Recovery sites is $600.00.  Looking for a less expensive solution.