Help! Failed wdmycloud

I powered off my wdmycloud for about 2 months and now I cannot get it started. I can hear the HD tried to start but failed and the LED turned red, anyway to rescue my data? :frowning:

The rear 4/40secs reset button not helping? Red led is bad:

The following faults trigger this state:
• Disk SMART failure
• Data volume does not exist
• System volume does not exist
• System thermal shutdown (75° C)

 If you have no recovery experience, contact WD Support for RMA.


I finally solve it by myself using the following steps:

  1. Changed a power port. I think there are something wrong with the old port and the voltage is not stable.

  2. Starting while holding the reset button.

It took a while for it to start, I guess it’s checking the hard disk. Then I can finally access my files. I also tried to update the firmware, no problem.