HELP ! Dropped My Passport :'(

I have the worst luck ever. 

3 days ago my Macbook was experiencing glitches and heating up so I backed everything on my harddrive and took the laptop to apple recovery and they said that they might have to clean it all up and i said no worries and that I have everything backed up. 

Today my little sister wanted a movie and took my harddrive and dropped it. I freaked out when i heard it fall on the ceramic flooring.

It basically has all my life in it since i have no laptop now either. I really need it recovered so bad. It has a lot of personal stuff too so I don’t want to take it to someone to fix it. 

When my sister pluged it back again it made a click sound and the computer doesn’t recognize the harddrive. It like nothing is connected but the light on the harddrive is working. 

We waited but nothing and i started crying like a baby. All my university work and all my touring the world photos where gone. She tried to plug it again but it started making loud noises. 

Now that i calmed down. I am seeking help. Tryed it a while ago and the light still goes on but the laptop doesn’t seem to find it. 


Sorry dude, if it’s not recognized you provably need the help of a professional data recovery company to recover your files. Try not to connect it again since that might damage your files even more.

This isn’t going to help you, but a lot of people seem to make this mistake that having things on one external drive equals ‘backing up’. If you were keeping the files on the laptop too, that would have been a backup. If the people taking the laptop werre going to erase your original data, then your copy wasn’t a backup, it was just that your data was somewhere else. Backup = 2 copies. You were left with only one copy.

I’m not saying this to say ‘I told you so’, but maybe other people might think about this and avoid the same problems…