HELP: Do the warranty cover?

I’m about to buy a WD HDD in second hand. It’s not opened yet.

But I want to know, what does the warranty cover here? I mean, I am buying in second hand, I’m sure the warranty can’t cover everything, right?

So I mean, if the seller have smashed it to a table or something, causing inside-damage, I wouldn’t be able to see that. And I’m guessing that wouldn’t be covered, 'cause it’s a damage caused by a person.

Could someone help me on this one? Is it a bad idea to buy this HDD?

I think if you have the required documentations for the HDD and it is not registered at here  yet, then you good to go.

You may use HDD Sentinel which can give information about the health of the drive and details about running time.

Im salesman of TV n such in my country but

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Just the S/N on the Western Digital website, you will see the remaining time of warranty and also the warranty policies.