HELP DECIDING: 10tb G-Drive "vs" 12tb G-Raid

10tb G-Drive “vs” 12tb G-Raid

I have new 16-17 MacBook Pro w Thunderbolt 3, 1Tb internal SSD and FCPX installed.

I want to get an external drive so I can keep my internal drive clean. I plan to keep ALL my files on external drive. Programs will be installed on internal ssd. My plan is to set up FCPX (installed on internal ssd) so that I “leave files in place” so that FCPX will simply “reference” videos that are stored on an external drive (when editing). I will also store all completed projects on the external drive.

Q: Would G-raid (at raid 0) be worth the extra investment “vs” G-drive as far as performance w fcpx (set up like mentioned - leaving files on external drive)? …Would there be a noticeable difference?

Q: Any ADVICE on a back-up options /drives /solutions? …Considering ‘‘backing-up’’ to a WD easy-store $200 5200rpm external drive ONLY bc i can’t think of a better option…Any advice / better idea?

I’m from the WD side of the company so I can’t give you advice on your first question (I just don’t know the product lines well enough to provide an informed opinion) but I can certainly speak to the second one.

The most important thing to consider is HOW are you planning to back up your data? Are you going to use Time Machine? Third party software? Manually copy/paste your files? Is it important that the backup process work quickly? How much data are you planning to back up? Do you want to connect the backup drive directly to the computer or the router?