*HELP* Current Pending Sector Count *HELP*

I don’t know how to read any of this so can anyone please tell me what is happening? I just keep getting random “hard disk failure” warnings from windows but it only happens if my laptop gets warm. In the moment the Toshiba PC Health Monitor software will say its bad, come back the next morning the same software says its good. Is i just heat or is there an underlying issue? It’s been doing this for months and from what i understand your “raw value” is the number you should keep an eye on. If it’s been doing this for months shouldn’t the raw value be higher than 10?


As a recommendation, test the drive using a different application.

Also check with the drives manufacturer support to see what they recommend.

Windows gave me the message again, i looked at the software and it said my read error rate was at 55 with a threshold of 62. I left it on to see what would happen and decreased to 51. Turned off my computer, when I turned it on it now says 79.