Help connecting shares to Macintosh

I have a My Cloud drive set up for Windows and have a new Mac running Sierra and I want to add the shares to for document access such as movies (for Plex library), picture library for Lightroom, etc.

I’ve read the manual and some posts here but still need some guidance on the best way to set it up so the share is visible in Finder and easily accessible within applications. Some things I’ve tried:

Create an alias on my desktop and added it to the Finder favorites - but it does not show in the open / save dialogues. And I need to keep a copy of the alias folder somewhere. Does not seem ideal.

Tried smb://wdmycloud.local but the share does not appear in the Finder sidebar

Tried afp://wdmycloud.local but cannot select the same share I did with smb - maybe because I already mapped that and now don’t know how to unmap it?

If someone can give me the best way to set this up as an external NAS drive with full read / write access from all applications and finder that would be awesome.

Thank you.


The shared map should have an eject symbol in order to unmap it. You can also right click and select ‘Disconnect’.