Help, computer running VERY slowly since last passport software update

This morning I got around to updating my passport essentials 1 TB external harddrive.

I updated firmware first, that update/install went fine, then I downloaded the software update, ran it, installed it, and went to restart computer.

My computer got stuck on the ‘shutting down’ screen (left it for several minutes and NOTHING happened) so finally held power button and turned computer off manually.

Now whenever I restart my computer runs well for MAYBE 3 - 5 minutes after start up and then slows to a crawl where it takes 5 - 10 minutes to open say… the task manager or a browser window or ANYTHING. Numerous shutdowns/restarts have done nothing to solve this.

Also when I do plug my external harddrive in it says back up was not fully complete and one folder (music) wasn’t backed up (Not sure why or if it is even relevant just trying to give all info i can).

I’m running windows vista as well but i’ve never had an issue until today so it has to be something with either how the software update did or didn’t install and i can’t find anything online about a similar problem. ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks

Then just uninstall it from your list of programs. A lot of people have this problem and the best thing to do is to control software bloat.