HELP - Blue light ON but won't connect/register to TV both HDMI or RCA

I have a 1TB Elements Play which works OK as an external drive when connected to my computer. Blue light turns on and the PC detects the drive. When I disconnect it from my PC, the WDEP would then shut down by itself and the blue light will shut off.

However, when connected to the TV whether thru HDMI cable or RCA, once I turn on the WDEP, the blue light will turn on but it won’t connect/register to the TV. Moreover, the WDEP blue light won’t shut off even using the remote. It only shuts down when I unplug it.

I can’t update the firmware either since it says in the manual I need to use the remote. Any suggestion is most welcome. Thanks.

I know its a dummy question, however: did you choose the correct input channel on the TV?

@broeni - I did put the correct input channel. The WDEP is non-responsive to the TV or the remote control.

Having exact the same problem. Hard disk working fine. Can’t connect to the TV. Blue light is on and I a´can’t turn it off with the remote. What the **** happend ?

THere’s a reset buton on the back of the unit, next to the optical socket.  Have you tried inserting a paper clip into this, holding it for 30 seconds, then restarting?

reset has no effect what so ever