Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

Which Email address did you use?

Would you mind sharing one of the photo’s? Maybe someone on here will recognise it - you might have mine! :crossed_fingers:

I used this one

I got a reply within an hour saying that if was almost done and then one from Zachary about an hour and a half later saying that my data was on its way back to me. Hopefully it’ll be the right one.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing other people’s photos online without their permission. However I believe the person this data belongs to shares the same first name and surname (Green) as me.

I don’t think it’s for us to identify the correct owner, either the recovery service and/or WD should take accountability for this but what I can say is it looks like a lot of the data has been recovered intact

Thats fair enough. Should probably let @WD_Admin or @cme who I think is WD staff know. If personal data is being shipped to wrong customers, especially those under GDPR, thats a big worry and probably warramts investigation.

Maybe contact Ars Technica who broke the original story about the hack too, im sure some media would help highlight the issue.

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I emailed this email address, got a reply within the hour and another reply from Zachary with a tracking number saying my recovered data is on the way home.

Fingers crossed its actually mine!

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I also emailed the customer service address and received this

Hello David,
Our team is still working on restoring your data. I have asked the engineers to see if the process can be expedited.
Best Regards,
Mitchell Moore
Level 2 Data Recovery Specialist

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Mitchell Moore replied to me as well, looks like there’s more than one bloke working there now :rofl::rofl:

I also emailed yesterday and received a reply from Mitchell Moore saying…

“Receipt confirmed. Our engineers are working on your recovery and we hope to have the data ready in the next 1-2 weeks.

Our team will be in touch with the tracking details once the data is en route to you.”

Then later the same day received an email from Zachary with a UPS tracking number saying……

“We have shipped your recovered data back to you. Your original storage media will be returned to the manufacturer.”

Fingers crossed.

I wonder how many of us would’ve got our drives shipped without chasing it up. Mine’s currently day in a depot 20 miles from my house awaiting delivery on Monday…

I had the exact same thing happen to me

Emailed the Customer Service email mentioned above and Zachary emailed me same day with a slight change to the usual message!
“Thank you for your patience in this matter. The recovery is still in process and I have reached out to the lab for a further update on the recovery.”

I won’t hold my breath… :roll_eyes:

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Just had an email from Zachary with tracking details so they are sending me something at least. Sent mine from the UK in August, about 5 weeks ago they said it would be 1/2 weeks. Emailed the customer service email and got a reply from them and Zachary in the space of a few hours.

Fingers crossed its actually my data. Will see on Monday apparently!

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So I have got my data back from Secure Digital today and as suspected, very in the little in the way of file names/folder structure. Some photos have date taken, a few Word docs have partial names and music has metadata, but most is just random file name. Will take ages to sort through it unfortunately.

At least you have the data back which is good news. How long did it take from sending it off to receiving it back?

Just over 2 months - they received it 9th August

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Thanks. I sent mine off on 31st July so hopefully mine isn’t far behind yours :crossed_fingers:

Same here. Plus I had a lot of video files and when I try to access the .mp4 folder, my Mac’s Finder just crashes.

Good to have something back, I guess…

Still waiting for UPS to deliver my drive as I wasn’t in on Monday and their drop off point refused to take it yesterday for some random reason. Something about it being fragile or too valuable, don’t know how they know what’s in the package… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Hopefully they’ll deliver it to my house on Thursday as requested.

So having chased on Friday, I received my data back on Monday (and I live in the UK).

No file names but photos all have date taken. It’s gonna take me a few months to sort all this out!

I also can’t open some of the Excel files - they have all come back as .xlsx files even though there were a number of .xlsm files on the MyBookLive device. I think that may be the reason why I can’t open some of the files.