Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

Has anyone shipped theirs in yet? They said it may be sent to a different country.

Mine was sent from UK to the address in America.
… But was stopped in the UK as they require a commercial invoice!

I sent a copy of the email from WD with the shipping label and they responded as follows

“This is just the label that goes on the package, would you have any other form of documentation that was sent to you with the label ?, what we require is a commercial invoice which should have your address on it, the address of where it’s going , a full description of the goods and a total value of the goods.”

So back to WD to get them to supply the commercial invoice.

I have already inquired if there is a case for class action lawsuit on this WD on June 24th incidents. I lost 10 years of all my data. Supports from WD was very poor.

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I do NOT think I would send mine because I would lost all, mybook live duo and its hard drives. They would NOT return it back to me, instead, they would destroy both MyBook Live and the drives. If lost data is NOT be able to recover, you would NOT get anything back. I lost about 10 years all my data. I am very serous about my lost, but they are NOT.

Here are my communications between customer supports staff.
Here are what I asked to the customer supports;

Please confirm if I understood correctly below before I state as “I agree” as you have suggested.

  1. WD has required me to send both My Book Live Duo and hard disk drives which were compromised in the My Book Live Duo.

  2. Once My Book Live Duo and the drives are received at data recovery facility, data recovery would be started.

  3. Once data recovery process is done, the My Book Live and the drives would be destroyed.

  4. If lost data is recovered, a My passport drive with recovered data would b sent to me. And My Book Live Duo and the drives would be destroyed.

  5. If lost data is NOT recovered, My Book Live Duo and the drives would be destroyed anyways, and I do NOT get what I send from WD. I would simply be lost my MY Book Live Duo and Drives which were about $450 worth.

Please correct me if there is any misunderstandings.

Here are the answers from the customer supports;

  1. Yes. You have to send the enclosure and the drives inside it.

  2. Yes.

  3. Yes. the My book live device will be properly disposed of after the data recovery has been done.

  4. Yes. We will send one or more My passport drives to send the recovered data back to you (depending on the size of the data recovered.).

  5. Yes. This is one of the conditions if you wish to send the drive for data recovery from WD.

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So… having only found out that my drive was wiped yesterday - I don’t have need to access it very often, I initially thought Great! WD are going to send WDMBL away and recover data for me - then looked deeper and found this forum where the real seriousness became apparent.

Having already purchased a USB to SATA HDD for £30 from Amazon a few months ago to try and retrieve data from an old laptop, I thought I’d have a go. I am not, in any way an IT Guru, just willing to ‘have a go’. Looked at loads of threads, tried a few things, and am now watching as PhotoRec 7.2 recovers masses of pictures, music and videos - plus any other tosh I had on there!

The post from copleyuk is pretty much spot on! - it has currently found 217600 files, been downloading them for 22 hours, with an estimated 60 to go! All for the cost of the USB/SATA adaptor, and quite a few days/weeks to sort the files out afterwards!



@jball I used Sabrent DS12 with EaseUS and pretty good luck. As others commented USB is slow and you will need to hit ‘Reconnect’ during the process. Something with the hardware connection. Also I wanted to Clone the drive as well before sending to WD since they will NOT send it back and to be honest I don’t trust they will even try to recover anything. I tried to clone to another USB drive using the EaseUS Disk Copy and 5 hours in it disconnected. I am now going to use a 4TB Seagate SATA Internal drive as the destination drive in a Desktop PC. WD would not supply the target HD either.

No they shagged us

Who did you use? How much data and types of files did you have?
Thank you, Jeff

Managed to get everything - I used these guys but it looks like a soft delete, the fact that they were able to recover all the information in just a couple of days.

6746 1909

I don’t think there’s anything special about this data recovery company except that they are fairly priced.

I had all file types, about 1 TB

Good-by Western Digital. I’ve added a little money to what I would have had to spend with you to replace my boxes. That money has now gone to Synology and Seagate, (who provide higher spec drives anyway). And I still have all my hard drives to do with as I will.

Your customer service is, quite simply, shambolic,and your 40% discount, (on list price!), shows the contempt you have for your customers, given this fault is all down to your own negligence!

Anyone thinking about taking them up on that offer should really consider where their money would be better spent - i.e, with companies who offer better customer service than WD.


That is fantastic.
I recovered some, but no file names and Directory structure.
I am in the US.
Thank you, Jeff

I have about the same on a WD MBL 3TB

Interesting that yours got shipped overseas, when I was told by customer service that mine would go to a UK based firm (or so they believed)

Seems odd / financially inefficient to ship a drive for recovery out of the UK when we have plenty of good data recovery companies here too?

At the moment the drive isn’t going anywhere till WD sort out the commercial invoice.

Such a farce. Like you said, could easily have been done in the UK.

I have just SSH’d into my MYBook Live and searched for the lines of code in /var/www/Admin/webapp/includes/languageConfiguration.php

I can only find the second line, is that normal?

Novice here, I opened the first link in the browser and read your instructions in the header, but I’m a bit perplexed on how to “download the sh file”. Am I just saving the html page? or copying/pasting the contents into a txt file that I rename with a .sh extension?

hm, ok I right-clicked and saved link as… and it seems to give me what I need, a file with a .sh. Will give this a shot. Have to sort out the nano/putty stuff, I’ve not used the SSH feature before.

I’m just waiting for the shipping labels to be emailed to me. I’m hoping that it’s done here in the UK, as it will be forever and a day shipping it out somewhere.

I’ve not heard anything in over a week since WD asked me what format I wanted the passport drives with any recovered data sent back to me on. Escalated 4 times and still nothing. Like you I’m hoping for UK address to send drive to.