Help accessing MyBook Essential Edition in windows 10

Hi All,

I have an ooooooold (2007) MyBook Essential Edition 500GB external hard drive (model number WD5000C032) that I am attempting to access. The power cord died a few years back and I just ordered a new one. When I plug it in, the LEDS flash with a click sound, but that is all it does. It does not appear as a device/drive in device manager or in Disk Management.

Are there drivers I need to access? Or is it likely that this is bricked?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.


It is recommended to connect the power adapter directly to a wall socket and avoid power strip. Also, use a different USB cable. You may install Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool, if your drive gets detected by the software; run quick and extended tests:

Thanks for the reply.

This did not work. It is still not recognized. The flashing LEDs only show up when I connect the USB cable (old and new) to the computer, so the USB cable is not the issue it seems.

I am specifically asking if drivers are available for windows 10, as I believe this a recognition issue. The external hard-drive was compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000 (as I said, oooooooold). It doesn’t seem as if the hard-drive is even booted up, as it is silent (can rule out the “click/ screech of death”). The click is only associated with the LEDs flashing (regularly about every 1-2 seconds). The diagnostic software is essentially meaningless if the harddrive isn’t recognized.

I also understand that I may be trying to do something that is impossible or requires access to an older computer.

Connect the drive inside your computer. If it doesn’t spin up, or isn’t seen in BIOS, then it is most probably faulty. Note that the data will be encrypted, so you won’t be able to access it inside the computer.

If the drive doesn’t spin, then check the TVS diodes.

TVS Diode FAQ:

If you need to replace the HDD PCB, be aware that you will need to transfer the “ROM” chip from patient to donor. This chip stores unique, drive specific calibration data. Some PCB vendors (eg include a free firmware transfer service.