HEIC update

Does anyone know if the WD My cloud will every be updated to support HEIC files? If not I will take it back and get a refund… have been waiting for months but no updates. It can’t be that hard to update the app to show the file format. I will not change the phone to get a lower grade photo. Using the desktop is also a no go as I usually do not carry the desktop computer in my pocket.

HEIC has been out for about a year and the my cloud app still does not support it. It may be in the list of features to be added at some point but I would not hold my breath.

that said jpeg is not a lower quality than HEIC. HEIC is the same quality as jpeg in a smaller size. a ~2MB jpeg will be ~1.2MB in HEIC both the same quality. Honestly there are so many things that don’t support HEIC from Windows OS to many photo editing apps I have found that the capacity you save using HEIC is not worth the frustration of the compatibility issues you run into with the format so I switched to most compatible (jpeg) a long time ago. I off load most of my pics to the my cloud so saving on the file size is not really an issue for me anyway.

This has been discussed in many separate forums. I am all for compatibility and I got guidance from Apple Support on how to deal with it and here is my post in another WD forum: See my comment and link at bottom of post.

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