Native HEIC/HECV Support

I humbly request the WD MyCloud apps to support HEIC and HECV photos and videos. These are the newest standards as the industry moves to more widespread adoption of large resolution photos and 4K videos. Also, they improve on storage demands. What’s available currently imposes an added task that is not seamless for the user.

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Even i feel frustated with such issue, but what i believe is to wait for further updates on the app. You are correct HEIC and HECV are not supported by My Cloud App we need to move back to Most compatible option in the my cloud app to enable thumbnail.

Apple Support’s solution; follow carefully.

its been over a year and no new updates to the app. my cloud home has the ability and we still don’t. please address this soon or we are going to find a new vendor . the workaround is not acceptable when the my cloud home works fine

I saw that my request came through, though I am uncertain that this was because of my request. The answer is to go ahead and upgrade the NAS to OS5.

I am cautious about such an extreme shift, because it is irreversible. I’m checking to see others’ experience before making the change.