HEIC Thumbnails and dates

I am aware that .heic files only show thumbnails when uploading from the mobile app, not from a computer. When I do upload them from my iPhone, the date modified and date created show as the current date and time on the finder, and in the My Cloud os 5 app:

These particular photos are from August 2020. They do show August 2020 when I click on the photo in the app. I tried using jhead and exiftool on the photos to change the dates as well, but they don’t work on photos on the my cloud, only photos already on my computer. When I upload the heic files directly from my Mac, the dates are all fine, but there won’t be a thumbnail when using the app, and using the app to view photos is really the main purpose of the my cloud for me. I do have quite a few older photos that are on my computer already, I don’t want to have to put them back on my phone to upload them via the mobile app. Is there going to be any apps for desktops that make heic files show thumbnails and also make the dates match up? Does anyone know of a workaround?



File and Folder View

The contents date displayed in the File and Folder view is the date the file was added to the My Cloud which is the Modification Date and not the Created Date.

Photo and Video Tab View

The date displayed in the Photo and Video Tab view uses the contents GPS data or EXIF data (if readable) and displays the content chronological order using the Creation Date .

A photo taken in January 2001 added to the mobile device and then auto backup or uploaded to My Cloud OS device.

  • File and Folder view will show the date the file was added to the device
  • Photo Tab view shows the picture in January 2001 on the chronological timeline but only if the GPS pr EXIF data is present


Thank you for the quick response. Is there a way to make the modification date match the created date? The date the photos are added to the my cloud device is not important to me, only the date the photo is taken.