HE 8 Bad Blocks :(

Got two HE 8 8TB several months ago, used it on my G Raid Studio, been working great up until yesterday, OS El Capitan had trouble reading some files, and sure enough, I nuked the drives and went to JBOD; and 1 of the drive shows “Bad blocks” on Disk Warrior :frowning:

Been doing some google, how do I know if its Soft or Hard bad block? RMA the drive?

You can wipe the drive with an erase then run Disk Warrior on it again and see if it still notices the blocks. If so then you’ll want to get a replacement drive.

You can RMA them directly on the HGST site here: RMA

Yeah had the drive had read issues before. Already created an RMA. Probably gonna pick up another one while this one is being RMA ed lol

How long does it normally take?