HDTV live streaming audio out?


have wd linked to pioneer amp via hdmi  to TV via hdmi

amp does not show dolby digital when file MKV is full dd or true hd

should I connect via optical cable or should i continue with my hdmi 1.4 cable

latest version of os and latest wdtv streamer

many thanks

  1.  Go to Setup

  2.  Audio / Video

  3.  Audio Output

  4.  Select HDMI Passthrough

  5.  Select AUTO

– it will give you a report of the compatible audio formats.

What does it tell you?

What model Pioneer do you have?  I have two Pioneer HDMI AVRs and both are working correctly for me…


cool thanks for the reply will try this when i get in…

my avr is the  pioneer vsx 300

cool thanks for the help all sorted! sound is great now!

(except on a movie i rppped the wrong channel and had description) oh well!