HDN721010ALE604 vs HUH721010ALE604

I’ve purchased NAS Asustor AS3204T - in compatibility list there are listed HDN721010ALE604 as Compatible
HGST 3.5’’ SATA III Hard Drive HDN721010ALE604 10 TB NAS Deskstar All

I’ve bought 3 x HDD HGST 10 Tb HDD - and after I received them, I’ve found out (after openning them and installing it in NAS) that they are slightly different model - HUH721010ALE604

I’ve checked 721010ALE604 but was not paying attention on HUH insteed of HDN prefix

Now, my server wont recognize them…

Is there anything to do to make them work ? or what is the difference between HUH and HDN series?

Thanks for the Answers,
Joze from Slovenia

The Pesky PWDIS Feature In Newer SATA Specs

is perhapse this the reason - in HUH series?