HDMI Video Output problem

I have had my player for a couple of months and haven’t had any problems until four days ago. I moved my player from my TV to my other bigger TV that is next door and plugged into the HDMI cable that is always connected because I move my player back and forth between the TV’s and all of a sudden there is nothing on screen. The menu was barely visible with strong pink jagged edges over the screen and a slight buzz though audio. Reset a couple of times nothing worked so I took it back to my TV which I use it on 80% of the time (BTW both TV’s can handle HDMI at the highest resolution) plug it in and on this TV it is just dead on screen, black screen of death. Tried the other TV again, but same pink jagged edges… It’s like someone sliced the menu screen into bits and jangled it across the screen. Back to my TV and still nothing, so I tried the normal component video out, it does work but the images quality is just tremendously bad, with ghosting effect on all the text and a color bit depth of like 4bit. So basically my HDMI output has somehow stopped working and is constantly high on acid and my component output has gone back to the 1990’s, please help!

Try rolling back the firmware to a previous version. 


One other thing to check… Because you moved the WD box back and forth between TVs several times, the HDMI connector on the WD might have become damaged or might have loosened from the circuit board. If the WD box is out of waranty, you can try looking at the solder connections that hold the HDMI connector to the circuit board. If that turns out to be the problem, you can try re-soldering them.

I dont think it is possible to roll back the firmware because I havnt updated the firmware since I bought it, also, I am always very careful when inserting or removing cables n things to ensure that my stuff lasts a long time s this is very odd. Maybe somehow it picked up an electrical spike and did some damage. I have since then been able to get it working in a strange way. Using only the composite output it does not work 100%, more like 50%, when I plug the HDMI cable in the component does work better and the output quality is upto around 80% with a ghost like effect on all text and highlighted images and horizontal aliasing scanlines when things move on screen. Like people or a pan. The componenet does work 100% and no problems there, I just don’t have audio out that way… I think this unit is fried, so sad…

You have to plug in the AV cable to get sound on component.

You could try resetting the player via the side paperclip hole. Press for a couple of seconds and then release with the player completely booted up.

I got the audio working now, thanks. I had it in the wrong hole :flushed: Restting didn’t do much. Just glad my LG has composite video. HDMI still not working at all