HDMI Setting will not fix

For Years had the HDMI Setting at auto and always resolved to 1080p for my TV

The HDMI CEC Setting on the SMP was set to OFF and likewise on my Toshiba TV

Just to experiment I turned these both on.

The resolution always then resolved to 720 on the SMP, so decided to off on both the SMP and TV

Now I cannot get the SMP to fix to anything auto or 1080p, if I turn the CEC setting off, it say’s need to re-boot, but after it is always set to ON and the HDMI is back to 720.

Tried disconnecting HDMI cable will booting up SMP but still always CEC is back to ON and Res is 720.

Any suggestions to get HDMI to fix to Auto or 1080p



Are you able to try with a different TV?

Make sure that the option is off on the TV as well

Thanks ragdexx

No unfortunately cannot try different TV,

Have checked and is now off on the TV.

Tried all sorts of combo from Auto to manually setting to diff 1080 res, with no solution.

Has i say was ok, so something is fixed in the SMP since I turned on then off.

Reluctant to do a full Reset, which should not have to anyway

I’m not sure why so many users are reluctant to do a reset. You have problems and your player is not working correctly, the only thing left to try is a reset. I assume you use the other facilities of the player, consider the reset to be one of them. You could try the reset in the setup menu which does not wipe out your account details first and then move along if that does not work. The reset only restores the general settings to a factory state and does not affect the firmware installed. Its true to say that a reset may not cure your problem but its worth a try that’s why its there.