HDMI Matrix Switch

Hi, I have just purchased a WD TV Live (3rd Gen). Prior to this my setup was running a PS3 and my cable set box through a Matrix HDMI 4 x 2 Switch, 2 Outputs (1st being main TV 2nd TV in bedroom). Input 1 was Set Top Box & Input 2 was PS3 which I used for movies & music using an USB hard drive. It all worked perfectly.

However, the WD Media will not work through the switch. I have to run it direct through the TV HDMI cable. I have updated the Firmware I have tried Output 3 & 4 but it will still not work. I do get the WD start up screen ie clouds, but then it just goes blank.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

Have searched threads & can not find anything similar.

This is set up:

Argent Cables 4x2 Matrix Switch HDMI

Output 1: Panasonic Viera TH-42PV500A (only 1 HDMI)
Output 2: Samsung (sorry model not know). Connected by HDMI wall plate back to back.
Input 1: Pace “My Sky” Satalite Set Top Box
Input 2: WD Live TV 3rd Generation. Connected by HDMI cable obviously and Audio is Optical connected to a Bose 3-2-1
Media Storage: 1 TB Touro (fully owned by WD) USB External Hard Drive

Try setting your video output on the WD TV live to the maximum input of your oldest TV. I posted this last night. HAHA

Thanks BadJr. I changed to HDMI 1080i60Hz and it is now working and on both TV’s. :slight_smile: