HDMI display issue

My WD TV Live HD works fine with component output, but for the HDMI, I often  have disply (color issue). I connected WD TV Live with a projector (HD). Sometimes, if I tuen on WD TV Live, the color shown on screen is very strange  (like 16 color setup for monitor) rather than millions of colors. If I turn it off and turn on again, it may display correctly.

Also, even if it is displayed correctly, if I play a file for a while, I may get a flash (1 second) of green, or purple color.

This problem exist with all the FIRMWARE versions (including the latest pre-release).

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Here are often HDMI handshaking issues – you can try setting HDMI to a specific output (like 1080p) instead of “auto” (the default) and it may help.  Another HDMI cable, particularly one rated for 1.4, might also help.  But some issues are still unresolved.

Thank, mkelley, any idea about the 16 color versus millions color (16 bit or 32 bit) issue?  I have used two HDMI cable (include the one come with WD TV LIVE HD), same thing occurs. I will try a higher rated one as you suggested to see if there is any improvement. 

The color settings in HDMI can also be either “Auto” (the default) or you can choose what settings to use, so force it for whatever color you want (True Color most likely) and see if it helps any (you can try all the settings just for fun).

Uhm, the WDTV doesn’t come with an HDMI cable.   Are you sure you aren’t talking about COMPONENT or COMPOSITE?

Just checked COSTCO, yes, it does come with HDMI, but without manual.