HDMI Control?


My TV, amp and DVD player all support HDMI Control so when I turn on the DVD player and hit play, the amp turns on and switches the DVD input and then the TV turns on and switches to the amp input.  Very useful to avoid having to use three remote controls just to watch a DVD.  However, my WDTV Live doesn’t appear to support HDMI Control, so when I turn it on nothing else responds, and when I turn off the TV the WDTV doesn’t turn itself off.

Is HDMI Control really not supported in the WDTV, or do I have some incompatibility between the WDTV and my setup?

If it isn’t supported, would WD consider adding it in a future firmware update?  I have to keep my amp’s remote in reach just so that I can press the AUX button on it, as thanks to HDMI Control the TV’s volume buttons control the amp.



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That’s a feature that would encourage one to buy the same product, such as Bravia sync from Sony.

HDMI CEC is becoming more universal among vendors but I doubt that WD will implement it.

I second the request for HDMI CEC. It would make life quite a bit easier if I could control the WD TV Live with the remote from my TV, after all it has basically all the buttons needed except for “Search” and “Eject”.

But to be realistic, I’m guessing WD has more serious problems to fix than to implement a neat little extra like this.