HDMI CEC - Power-off the TV does not work with long press of power button (3 sec)


I have got the wonderful WDTV Live streaming, updated to latest 1.12 firmware and enabled HDMI CEC in setup.

My TV is Panasonic 46VT20 plasma, and receiver is Denon AVR-3311.

When I tap the power off button on the remote, the HDMI CEC works really well, every device in the chain turn off.


  1. When I long press the power button however, the WDTV shuts down completely BUT the TV and receiver do NOT turn off. (Strange)

  2. With every device in OFF state and I power on the WDTV, every device wakes up and switch to WDTV source. Great.

However, then when I try to turn off the TV, or switch the source from Video(WDTV) to TV, that doesn’t seem to turn the WDTV off.

Kindly advise.

Best Regards.

That’s because the Long-press is overriding firmware and shutting the box down hard.

If you want CEC to do its thing, you need to do a short press first, wait, and then do the long press.

Thanks Tony. Yes that does make sense.

Now I just hope that (2) the wdtv will turn off when source is changed.

I have JUST updated to 1.13 firmware and now it is working! Thank you!

Now when i long press the power button on the remote, the TV & receiver will turn off immediately AND the WDTV will shutdown completely in 3 seconds. This is just fantastic! Thank you WD