HDMI Audio Stopped Working

I’ve had my HD Media Player for about 4 or 5 months now and have never had any problems. One day I plugged in my HDMI cable into my Xbox 360 to play Assasins Creed and there was no audio. I then plugged that same cable into my HD Media Player and still no audio. I thought it must be the cable, so I bought a new one. Still no audio, so I looked on the internet for support. After many failed attempts I found a solution to my Xbox audio by disabling the detect display setting and the system rebooted with working audio. I thought finally I fixed it and switched over to my HD Media Player and to my suprise STILL NO AUDIO! It’s obviosly not the cable and I really don’t think it’s my TV either.

I tried switching from stereo to digital

I’ve tried multiple videos with different formats

I’ve tried both DTS and regular audio

Plugged and unplugged wires, restarted both media player and tv multiple times.

Latest firmware installed

Someone please give me a solution.

Me too had the same problem but i never plug it to any  other device it just stop working oneday