HDMI Audio feed not updating based upon receiving unit's capabilities

Firmware: 1.04.12

My TV can only handle basic audio over HDMI, but my HT receiver  (Onkyo PR-SC886) can decode more-or-less all formats.  In order to get the WD TV Live SMP to send the correct audio feed to the audio player (TV or HD Receiver) you have to go the setup menu (Setup->A/V Output->Auto Detect) and redetect the capabilities of the audio player if it’s different from the last time you ran Setup->A/V Output->Auto Detect. 

I know the WD TV Live SMP should be able to handle this scenario automatically, because the other devices in my setup (TiVO HD, Samsung Bluray player, NeoTV550) do so without problem.  In my setup all sources are connected via HDMI to a DVDO Edge video processor, and the DVDO Edge distributes the audio to the selected audio player (TV or HD Receiver).

Did you ever find out anything about this.

I’d like to know as well, this is odd o.o