Hdmi and composite at the same time?

Can the WDTV output to composite and HDMI silmatenously or is there a way to work around it. I want it to output HDMI to my main set and composite via a video sender to other tv’s in the house. 

Thanks in advance

Richard Abrams

Video? No, there is not a workaround.

There is a way to send HDMI and analog audio simultaneously, so composite video and HDMI seems likely to do as well.  See my long-winded reply to someone who was asking about analog audio: 


In the situation I describe, there is a “left over” composite video connection you should be able to use for your purpose.

I looked in to a bit more and I don’t think it can do video to both. Do you think this would work as an alternative

Either an active of passive HDMI splitter 


and then one of these


If your HDMI or analogue cables are more than 5 metres long you are wasting your money.

The gadgets in your links do not seem helpful for your purpose.  The more I think about all this, the less likely I see a good solution, as you have to send both audio and video to the other TVs; long cable won’t work; perhaps via some sort of in-home FM transmitter and receiver might. 

There really isn’t an easy way to do this, other than by streaming to a computer or laptop to view a movie in another room, or have additional WDTVs for the other TVs, and both these options have limited ways they could be used.  I know some forum members have multiple WDTVs, so perhaps a message to those folks would get you some ideas how they use their multiple WDTVs.  To do all this would likely entail having a home network set up so media could be shared among the various components involved. You could not network share things like Netflix though.; just media you have stored on devices like hard drives.

One cheap solution is to wait until the Raspberry Pi is released.


Considering that the Raspberry Pi was designed as a low end computer, there is the potential to use the Raspberry Pi as a dedicated NAS.

My plan is a little more fleshed out. Maybe this will make more sense

HDMI out to HDMI Splitter

One HDMI cable to main TV

Other HMDI cable goes to HDMI to composite converted. 

The composite converter is then getting plugged in to this


All my TV’s in the house have RF Coax from where my main TV is. I will the use Powermid XL IR senders to transmit the remote controls which are available at £9.99 from WD. 

Does that make more sense? Will it work though…that’s the question. 

As I side not. Just got my WDTV live today. It’s the new one with the fancier remote. Can it scan a media library from a network location? I couldn’t get it to on first play.

Well I got the WDTV and the RF modulator. That works well. I can now watch the WD TV in every room of the house. Just waiting on the HDMI Splitter and HDMI to composite converters to see if I can run HD and composite at the same time.

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