HDD's not recognised in icy box 4 bay dock

Hi Guys
First post here,
For many years, (too many :)), have always used external WD HDD’s

have been using external WD HDD’s for image storage and back up and TM on the Mac
A solution to the clutter was suggested that a HDD dock (ICY BOX IB-141CL-U3 4-Bay HDD/SSD Docking Station)

As I had 2 TM back-ups of the Mac, I just “shucked” one and plugged that on into the Dock
wasn’t recognised - but could see it on the disk utility

Still couldn’t get it to show on the desktop,
Through the disk utility, I erased the disc and gave it a new name and have completed a back-up OK ! ✓

Now have 2 TM back-ups !

The problem is, I have thousands of images on another 2 drives (WD 4 TB each)
Erasing these drives is not an option, therefore I haven’t been game to shuck them

My “normal” process is to have all images on one HDD and then clone to another as a back-up using Carbon Copy Cloner

Is there a way I can get my image HDD’s to mount?