HDDs & External Cases


This site has HDDs for factory price.  I recomend Seagate, as they have improved the last 5 years that I’ve used their HDDs.  If not, then to each their own.  You will need to format/partition the drive, once you recieve it, arrives to you factory clean.  If you’re ordering to any APO address, they will ask you to send an extra $15, or so, for shipping & insurance.

If you don’t already have an external case:

It doesn’t matter the dimentions of the drive, just usr the usb faceplate, and build your own case.  I ordered the 3.5" 1TB, and constructed my external HDD out of 1/2" plywood.  I used a different faceplate, however, it works the way I want it.

You’ve gotta upload a picture of the plywood case.