HDD's always shutting down

Hoping someone can help me :slight_smile:

I just bought a 4 bay HDD enclosure


Its has 2 WD HDDs in it and is plugged into the front USB port due to it being USB 3.0. (Back port wont read it)

Issue: (Media library on or off its the same)

If i pause a video or stop it and do nothing on the WD for more then a few min the drives shut down.

Then i have to reboot the WD or the enclosure for it to read the drives again.

It also gives me the warning about ejecting the drives first just before i have to reboot the WD or drives.

I asume its the enclosure shutting down the drives because of no activity?

Is there something i can do with the WD-SMP to help with this… or something with the enclosure?



This does not happen when using the enclosure hooked up to my pc on my network.