HDD WD Caviar Green 3TB freezing

I just buyed few days ago a 3TB Caviar Green 3TB

When I installed the HDD first time I downloaded acronis tools and run a basic test all passed was fine,till now I don’t see massive problems except every time I work with tools like Adobe Photoshop or After effects I feel a bit freezing for a fragment of a moment like there is not enough power to make the hdd spin or it takes to much power at once. Which makes no sense to me as I have a 700W power supply and checked my config how much it should use in theory and that would be around 420W.

Any Ideas why this is happening would be apreciated as I have to work on this machine and this is now starting to get more often.

One thing more is when I started working on this hdd I used acronis to make a backup of my old sata hdd and put a complete backup on this new drive.

My config is:

 CPU: Amd Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition

 Motherboard: GA-MA790X-DS4 - Bios F9 - these is a new version F10D but it says its beta does it may be solution to my problem? It doesn’t say anything on Gigabyte site about hdd support bios

DDR2 6gb

1 WD 3TB 2 partitions

2 Seagate 500gb

1 External hdd 1tb

all sata drives

Radeon HD4850

Windows 7 64bit


Hello Mate,

Well I think a black unit will perform better using adobe or any other design software. I believe the rotational speed is really important here.

However, you can run the WD DLG just to make sure the drive is operating in good conditions.

Thx , I just did and it passed the normal test altrought I didn’t tried the extended one yet.

Will do over night and report back.

I did the extended test as well took 7-8 hours but it all passed. So the HDD is not damaged. Last thing I can do i guess is to update the Bios to latest version but I’m a bit afraid as it says on Gigabyte its beta so it may be buggy.

Anyone tried that bios? Does it resolve the problem? Any special driver I need to download for this drive?

Thx in advance

Hi ok a green drive is meant to use for storage as a second drive, Being a green drive they don’t perform speed wise as well as other  drives ie the blue or black series, they should not even be used for a boot drive. Editing graphics and video require a faster hard drive. There is nothing wrong with your drive, green drive = less performance park’s the heads all the time so it can save you 1 $ on your electric bill. You bought the wrong drive for video editing.

Ahh cr…, I thought its fast as it has 7200rpm. I’m in middle of a project so getting a new drive now and messing around is out of the option, is there some sort of software solution to this? Maybe a cheat?

My boot sector is 2TB doesn’t allow it larger but maybe if I lower the boot partition down will that make some things faster as the allocating files may need less then for windows to snoop our 2TB?

Hi well the green drives are not 7200 rpm drives. They have what they call intellipower so the rpm goes up and down but never over 5400 rpm and somtimes slower than 5400 rpm. There is no way to change that sorry.