HDD spindown with DLNA enabled

I have a question about WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra - if DLNA service is enabled, but none of the devices are streaming any content at the moment, do the HDDs spin down, or they keep spinning always if DLNA is enabled?
If they keep spinning, maybe you can recommend another product which could spin down the drives with DLNA enabled.

Yes, drives will spin during the DLNA enable. It will stop spin when goes down to Sleep Mode.

So if dlna is sometimes used, the only way to stop the drives from spinning is to stop the dlna service?
What is the quickest way to do that - maybe an SSH command or something?
Ideally I would like to toggle the service from an android device by a few clicks, and without browsing the NAS settings webpage.

No, the DLNA is a media streaming service and would not affect the spinning of drive. Drive will stop spinning if it goes to Sleep Mode or in Power OFF mode.

ok then - do the drives enter sleep mode automatically after some time if DLNA is enabled and all devices stop streaming from the media server? or the sleep mode should be toggled manually