HDD RMA being returned for bent pins?

Has anyone else had a similar issue with Western digital’s support?

I had rercently sent in a WD Red 6tb hard drive under warranty for an RMA and I’ve only had this drive for less than 6 months. I’ve hardly ever used it since it was for backups and all of the sudden it started slowing down, disconnecting itself, and becoming completely unresponsive. I called to check the status of my RMA and I was told that it is being returned as damaged since the pins were bent. That’s impossible because the pins were neevr that way when I sent it out. When I checked under my account the hard drive was removed from my account and the serial number is unable to be re-registered. 

Basically Western Digital either broke my hard drive or was damaged in shipping and now they’re sending me back and even MORE faulty drive and washing their hands of me. $250 down the drain which means I’ll never support this company again, and I’ll have to switch to Seagate drives from now on. No way am I risking this kind of incompetence again!

Just a fair warning to anyone else that this is how Western Digital treats its customers…

Can you post a picture of damage on YouTube and then put a link on here ?

Hello. Yes I will take pictures of everything when the HDD arrives, I’m still waiting for the unit to be returned to me as I was just told that’s the reason why they are rejecting it and sending it back even though they’ve been holding it for much longer than the RMA process should take and I have no way of tracking it…