HDD not shipping?

About month back, I tried to get an RMA for a failed (new) HDD. For several days,I would work all the way through the prompts, and then get "Request cannot be completed now. Try again later.’ It took another day or two, but I got customer service on the phone, who were very nice and told me the internal systems which were used for RMA’s “were down for maintenance”. After 2 weeks of “processing”, I tried for an update via phone and was told again "Computers down for maintenance.’ This past week, nearly month later, I sent an email asking for status (I need my drive), it got a response which rather than address the status of my warranty replacement, said “WD is not shipping drives until further notice.” The status of the return and replacement still shows “processing”, as it has since the middle of August.
Anyone know what this is about?

WD RMA dept evidently is backlogged pretty badly