HDD just quits working ?!

Hi there,

I have the common black WD external HD. I use it for my macbook to back it up with TimeMachine.

A view weeks ago the hd just stops working when its like, 3 minutes in the mac. When I try to reconnect the plugs into my mac/hd it won’t be recognized by my mac anymore… I figured out I had to wait for 1 a 2 days and it wil work again… But agian for only 3 minutes… 

I called WD about it and they said sent me new cables because the warranty has expired… Well, the cables don’t work either and I think it’s a kind of overheating thats going on here…

Can someone help me to solve this? Of can someone help me to find a new good hd for my mac and imac?



Are you using the drive on a external enclosure or internally on the computer?

Have you tried testing the drive with the Mac utilities?

Hi there, I already did that… But the problm is, I can’t complete a check because it wil quit working after a few minutes… after that I have to wait a day or so… before I can reconnect it to the mac… So its almost impossible to get my stuff of the hd to my good working hd :frowning:

Any tips?