HDD is PARTIALLY allocated

3 tera hdd. Partially allocated.

The proprerties above shows the difference between the two partitions. 

i.e partition #2 cannot be accessed.

tried to remove, uninstall, install SES on my WIN8,

done all the same also on win7,

but to no avail.

The disk works fine beyond that.

I’m using it for backup only, 

and the problem started right after using Bitlocker…

Any advise pls?

Hello, have you tried to format the unallocated partition? Check the link below for the steps. 


If you reformatted the drive it needs to be GPT for drives larger than 2 T not MRB.


Thanks guys,

Still partially allocated.:womanlol:

Someone has suggested that it’s a bios issue.

Should I ebable bios update option?