HDD giving beep sound & not getting recognised

Hi All,

I am an infant to this forum, I have searched the posts for a solution before writing this thread.

I bought a new 1TB 2 inch (laptop) external HDD recently, it fell from 1 feet hight yesterday. From then it is not getting recognised and when connected it is giving just beep sounds.

I am in the warranty period to exchange it but, I have lot of data inside which is valuable. I am not able to find a way to retrive the data.

I asked computer repair people outside but, they are asking very  huge amount to recover it.

The data inside the HDD is important for me, Is there a way to recover the data or not.

Please help me


Sri Sai.

Hi, If the hard drive was dropped, your best chance to recover your files is to contact a data recovery company. Check the link below for more info.