HDD disappeared from file explorer after setting password

Hello, I recently set password to my My Book 4T HDD (I did not do it before). Everything went well. I power-off my PC
When I power up my PC the next day, I realised the HDD drive did not appear in the File Explorer.
I had an old My Book 3 T password protected and I could always unlock it using passwor
But the unlock software only linked to the 3T but not 4T
When I run WD Discovery, I could see the 4T HDD but I could not unlock it with password
Any view on what is happening?


I don’t use password, but trying it with WD Discovery and WD Security it shows a popup message when I hover over the “Enable auto unlock …”. The message says you must be the user who installed the drive originally. Are you the same user?


Hi Cliff, thanks for the reply. Yes, I am the original usual who set the password . What I am also puzzled is why the HDD did not appear in n the File Explorer but could be seen by using WD Discovery. But I still could not Unlock with the correct password ?