HDD Connected to SMP Not Showing In Network Windows 7

My 2GB hdd connected to the SMP is not showing up in my network (wireless) on windows 7 like it used to.

Have noticed that  on the SMP in Setup/System, Media Library now shows CAS_On or CAS_Off instead of just On or Off, anyone know why, and could this be causing the problem?

Anyone else noticed this change?


No, one has nothing to do with the other.  The issue is with Windows 7.

Here’s a simple solution.

Open the Network window, then click on Organize, Folder & search options.  Then click on the View tab.

Now power down the SMP (hold the power button for 5 sec.), then power it back on.  Once the SMP has completely rebooted, then in the View tab on your PC click Reset Folders.  You should now see the SMP under your network devices.

But the easiest thing to do is to just map the drive on the SMP, then you don’t have to worry about it showing up under network devices.

The SMP (WDTV Live) shows up, but the hdd connected to it doesn’t. It did until today.

What do you mean by map the hdd, if I can’t see it how can I map it?


What do you mean the SMP shows up but the HDD doesn’t?  The HDD shouldn’t show up under Network by itself.

Are you saying that when you click on the SMP under Network, that it’s not showing your HDD?

If so, this may be an issue with the HDD not being unmounted properly, try ejecting it from the SMP, plugging it into your PC and scanning for errors.

Usually when I selected start then network on my pc both the SMP and the hdd connected to it showed up as seperate items, along with my laptop, Dlink wireless router and Windows Media player which are all on the same network, and then I could delete/add files to the hdd without unplugging it from the SMP and plugging it in to my computer.

Now only the SMP, Dlink, WMP  and laptop show up, but not the 2gb hdd as I said before.


Well, as I said, the HDD shouldn’t show up seperately anyway because is it not a network device.  It is only attached to a network device and only network devices should show up under Network.

Having it show up under Network would be like having your laptops drive show up as a seperate device.

But like I said, mapping it would be the simpliest solution and if you can see the WDTVLIVE under network and access your drive from it, then you can map it.

But I can’t access my drive from the WDTV Live icon. I can’t see it at all and it definetly used to show up as a seperate icon to the WDTV Live.



Just reset SMP to factory defaults with the Mochi theme and where media library was showing CAS_On reverted to just On, odd!!

Then the hdd shows up on my network (actually shows as WDTVLIVE)  with the black icon for SMP (showing as WDTVLive).

So did the media library showing CAS_On have anything to do with it, who knows??

Thanks for all your help Tinwarble

You can’t access or you can’t see it?  Those could be 2 different issues.

Also, it may very well have, but since it is not a network device only connected to a network device, it shouldn’t show up as as seperate device under Network.

As I can see my HDD without any issue, I can tell you that it’s nothing to do with the Media Library.

So, there are a few things that you can try.  And as I stated before, eject the HDD from the SMP and scan it for errors on your PC.  Then plug it back into the SMP and see if you still can’t see it or access it.

If that doesn’t work, try resting the SMP.

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Sorry Tinwarble you must have posted as I editted my previous post.


If it’s showing up with the SMP icon, then I would suspect that it’s showing up under “Media Devices”. 

It should also show up under “Computer”, if it doesn’t, try what I have in my first post and it should sort it out.

It shows up in the left hand side of windows explorer under Network a long with my pc and then on the right hand side under Computer a long with my pc, the Smp (WDTVLive) and Windows Media Player show on right hand side under Media Devices, and then my router under Network Infrastructure.

So yes you are right as to how it should show up but that doesn’t explain why it wasn’t before I reset the SMP or where this CAS_On came from.

All good now though, so once again thank you for your help Tinwarble.